The fluid and earthy nature of my illustration work is specifically focused on narrative and sequential art (e.g., graphic novels, story book art). With graphic design, on the other hand, a bold and clean aesthetic is applied to branding and identity solutions. I attained a BFA in graphic design at A.I. Miami International University of Art & Design and at Kendall College of Art & Design, for illustration.

I’ve worked for large conventional corporate companies, as well as served at a loving church as a staff artist; and I’ve worked as a freelance artist, meeting the needs of individual clients one-on-one. So my work experience is diverse.

A wide range of artists have impacted me. Specific qualities I appreciate include: Alex Toth’s dynamic comic page layouts; Saul Bass’s astuteness in carving visual ideas down to their essence; Charles Schulz’s energetic line quality in his cartoons; the visceral power of Vincent Van Gogh’s color choices; and Akira Kurosawa’s meticulous cinematic eye for framing fully realized characters within rich, compelling human stories. While there are many who inspire me creatively, there is One above all who consistently gives me not only inspiration, but the focus, purpose, and ability needed: Jesus Christ. Since allowing His undeserved love into my life, I’ve been blessed to be able to lean on Him, thus making it possible to serve people like you in truth and love.

I’m married to Lindsey, an amazing wife, best friend, and occasional superhero. We recently adopted a special little guy named Jude!

Enjoy the rest of your visit. If you would like to collaborate on a design or illustration project, or if you need recommendations to a good sushi place please feel free to leave me a message on my contact page.