‘Floats’ for sale

22 x 28 watercolor painting for sale (frame not picture but it is included in sale).  buy here (etsy) or here (fine art america). 

A style is the consequence of recurrent habits, restraints, or rules invented or inherited, written or overheard, intuitive or preconceived. Paul Rand (Good Design is Good Will, 1987) 

43 days to finish all the pencils for the “The Reluctant Prophet”, a graphic novel based on the biblical account of Jonah. If you haven’t already check out the promotional trailer which was cut together using mock-up sketches and few color pages. Enjoy. 

The difference a good inker makes… Injustice: Gods Among Us 17 p 7 Corrections by ~davidyardin

See Every Movie Poster Saul Bass Ever Made…

A collection of my favorite designer’s film poster work is now available at Film.com for your viewing pleasure.

not-daredevil: A page from Batman: Year One, from script to finish. A page from Batman: Year One, from script to finish. By Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli

Pencils for The Reluctant Prophet, top spread tier, pages 23-24.  Phoenician sailors  await to sacrifice a passenger. Based on Jonah 1:11-16.

Four Post card designs created to promote The Reluctant Prophet, a graphic novel based on the old testament account of Jonah.  Each post card was mailed about a month apart to various publishing companies.  If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the trailer by