I’ve been reading through “Studio Space: The World’s Greatest Comic Illustrators at Work”. Below is a great thought by Tim Sale on illustrating detail.  It captures some conclusions I’ve come to about detailed illustration within the comic medium, like using line work as a way to communicate something personal and using line to only show what is NEEDED. Sale also mentions how Alex Toth rocks, that’s always nice.   

“When I was younger I was as susceptible as any other to the seductiveness of detail, but eventually you realize that so often it is just covering up bad drawing. Detail can be used effectively, though it almost never is.

You can learn so much from Alex Toth, the play between black and white, the simple economy of line, and just the right touch here and there.

The ability to make something look real has nothing to do with what I consider is important in art. There needs to be a communication, a sharing of yourself or a point of view. If it is just showing off, then I’m not interested in that.”

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